Safety First and All the Time.

We consider the safety of our employees, clients, suppliers, and guests of utmost importance. Our motto of safety first and all the time was implemented with the goal of keeping all people safe throughout our facilities. Our goal is to continue to improve on our level of safety and establish long-term mechanisms for safe production. South Africa ZiJin Platinum aims to achieve ISO 14000 and 18000 Certification by 2023.

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Work Fatalities

Snake Handling and Safety Training

There are 78 different types of snakes in the Limpopo province. Nine types can inflict rather painful bites and six are considered dangerous.

Since snakebites can sometimes be life-threatening, as such, swift and appropriate treatment is often required. Being able to identify the snake, as well as what venom each spits, or injects, can save a life.

In January 2022, South Africa Zijin Platinum conducted snake handling training for its SHEQ employees. The purpose of the training was to identify and handle potentially deadly snakes, prevention of snakebites, as well as medical treatments and First-Aid treatments of snake bites.

Such training ensures that the employees, the community, and the animals are safe during the interaction between each other and assists in the preservation of life.