Published On: 28 May, 2021Categories: Press Release

[Garatouw, Limpopo – 28 May 2021] South Africa-focused platinum developer, Nkwe Platinum Limited and its sole shareholder, Zijin Mining Group, a leading Chinese gold company, began mining operations at the Garatau Platinum Mine today.

Nkwe Platinum Limited has formally announced the completion of the High Security Fence which encloses an area of approximately 100 hectares, with the goal of protecting the area on which further mining activities as well as further mining infrastructure will be conducted. The construction of the Medium Security Fence, which will cover an area of approximately 400 hectares, has already commenced.

The company has also announced that the construction of the Mine site office has been completed and is currently being occupied by key mine employees. Furthermore, Nkwe Platinum Limited has begun with the site clearing of the area on which their box-cut will be constructed, on the Garatouw farm, and as of today, has commenced with the excavation of the box-cut.

The processing capacity of Garatau is anticipated to average 3.6 million tonnes of ore per annum once full capacity is achieved in a few years’ time. The life of mine is estimated to be approximately 29 years, and once fully operational, Nkwe Platinum Limited will place priority on employing members of the local communities for all projects where possible. The company will also continue to provide bursaries and learnership programs for students from the local community and has pledged to provide social aid to the local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are pleased with the progression of the Garatau Platinum Mine activities as it brings us one step closer to our commitment in infrastructure development as well as economic and social upliftment of the surrounding local communities, the municipal district and the Province of Limpopo,” Says Mr Zhiyu Fan, Managing Director and CEO of Nkwe Platinum Limited.

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