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Hydrogen generated via electrolysis has the potential to be the cleanest form of hydrogen production technology and energy storage, resulting in near-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

For a long time, the method of electrolysing water to produce hydrogen has experienced challenges such as high-power consumption and high production costs, thus limiting the application of carbon-free hydrogen energy. Today, only approximately 4% of the world’s hydrogen production comes from water electrolysis.

In its goal to become a green, high-tech, leading global mining company, the Zijin Mining Group has made an important scientific and technological advancement in this field of renewable energy.

Its team at the Zijin Mining New Energy and New Materials Technology (Changsha) Co., Ltd. has developed a new electrode design containing cesium, which can significantly improve hydrogen production rates of solid oxide water electrolysis compared to traditional water electrolysis hydrogen production methods.

Their experiments have found that this new cesium-doped electrode material exhibits extremely high electrochemical reactivity, making it possible for the electrolysis process to operate in medium and low temperature environments. This greatly improves the electrochemical performance and stability of electrolytic hydrogen production while significantly reducing operating costs.

This development is expected to pioneer a new path for hydrogen production with high efficiency and low energy consumption, which is key in truly achieving a zero-carbon energy transition.

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