The nature of our business impacts on the environment, but we aspire to leave a positive legacy where we operate.

As a minimum, we are committed to:

  • Prevent environmental pollution, or otherwise minimize, mitigate, and remediate harmful effects of our operation on the environment throughout our lifecycle.
  • Ensure that compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards is the foundation on which we build our environmental performance.
  • Promote active partnerships with Government, surrounding communities, labour and other relevant stakeholders for environmental protection and conservation at national, regional, and local levels.
  • Set and achieve targets that promote efficient use of resources and reduce environmental exposure and report on progress to relevant internal and external stakeholders.

To achieve these commitments, we will:

  • Develop an Environmental Management System that supports management objectives and environmental performance.
  • Invest in Environmental Awareness training to ensure safe and environmentally sound practices are undertaken.
  • Construct the mine in a manner that promote ecological and socio-economic sustainability and will invest in continuous rehabilitation were possible.
  • Contribute to biodiversity protection considering ecological values and land-use aspects in operational and environmental issues with communities affected by our operations and consider their views and concerns in our decision – making.

Zijin Mining has always adhered to the ecological and environmental protection concept that Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets, and to the principle of Balanced Development of Mineral Resources and Environmental Protection.

We strive to create green mines with global high standards, while prioritising the protection of the ecological environment, including clean air, freshwater, soil, forests, energy, and food, which are essential for human survival.

By doing so, we aim to create longterm value, fulfil our social responsibilities, and strive to become a Green, High-tech, Leading Global Mining Company.

Tree Planting

Nkwe Platinum removed twenty-six (26) Sclerocarya birrea (Marula trees) and replaced them with Seventy-eight (78) Natal Mahogany trees, as part of the protected trees removal permit (LP-SDM-2021-14-B).

As part of the protected trees licence, Nkwe Platinum identified the nearest adjacent schools to the Zijin Gatarau Platinum Mine and planted back indigenous trees Trichillia emititica (Natal Mahogany) to the ratio of 1:3.

From the schools which were identified within the Maandagshoek and Garatau communities, seven schools were selected, and eleven indigenous trees were donated to each in compliance with the tree removal permit issued by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in line with the approved Environmental Management Programme (EMPr).

Among the schools selected for the replacement initiatives were five primary schools: Moruladilepe, Morokadieta, Molaka, Setlopong and Ratau primary schools, and two secondary schools (Marole and Phutinare secondary schools).


Nkwe Platinum also constructed two artificial waterholes for local wildlife to access clean water for drinking at the Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine.

Water Troughs for Livestock

Water troughs across 3 communities were installed for the comunities’ livestock to enable them to have clean drinking water. Livestock, such as oxen and goats, are considered as wealth and value for the communities’ daily lives, providing them with milk and meat for food, so it is important to maintain their health.

Previously, the livestock only had unsanitary streams from which to drink.

After the installation of the water troughs by South Africa Zijin Platinum, they now have clean drinking water.