Ethical corporate social responsibility and the wellbeing of women in our communities are part of our top priorities. We believe that the future of our company is closely related to the sustainable development of the society. We have attached great importance to social and economic development of communities related to company operation, give full consideration to requirements of stakeholders, undertake due obligations in terms of community economic development, employment, taxation and charity, and actively engage in building “a community with shared future” at the project location.

Local Empowerment – Focused Nkwe Platinum Limited Supports Elderly for Nelson Mandela Day

South Africa-focused platinum developer, Nkwe Platinum Limited, and its sole shareholder the Zijin Mining Group, a multinational mining group, donated 400 blankets and 400 food parcels to its mining communities around the Garatau Mine on 18 July 2021, in honour of Nelson Mandela Day.

In line with the company’s enterprise development and inclusive procurement strategies, Nkwe Platinum Limited ensured that all food parcel supplies, blanket embroidery and delivery services were sourced from local enterprises within the communities. Blankets and food parcels were then distributed to the elderly members of communities in Garatau, Maandagshoek, Hoepakrantz and De Kom.

Nkwe Platinum Limited and Sany Southern Africa Empowers Women in Mining

On 18 August 2021, South Africa-focused platinum developer, Nkwe Platinum Limited, and the Zijin Mining Group, a multinational mining group, has partnered with Sany Southern Africa, a world-leading construction & mining equipment manufacturer and supplier, to provide an entry-level excavator training programme for six women from its mining communities.

During the week-long programme, the women will learn the basic components and structure of excavators and will also physically learn how to operate basic movements on the machines.

Nkwe Platinum Limited and the Zijin Mining Group, believe that the inclusion of women in the mining sector contributes significantly to its communities’ sustainable development and long-term economic growth. We recognise the potential that women can unlock for successful mining operations and understand that their skills development forms a vital foundation for a more productive community.

Nkwe Platinum Limited Honours Community Women for Women’s Month

For women’s month, Nkwe Platinum Limited and the Zijin Mining Group introduced the establishment of the Garatau Women’s Forum to support women in the community. The Forum consists of five women from the Garatau community to form a platform where the mine, the community and regulatory authorities can work together to share best practices and seek solutions for sustainable, inclusive socio-economic growth and wellbeing.

The company also donated 1000 sanitary products to communities around the Garatau Mine. Nkwe Platinum Limited and the Zijin Mining Group evenly distributed sanitary products to underprivileged girls in schools and women in Garatau, Maandagshoek, Hoepakrantz and De Kom. In addition to the donation, teams of local community women were arranged to provide hygiene awareness and social counselling to recipients of the sanitary products.

School Shoes and Backpacks Donation for Primary Schools

In November 2021, South Africa Zijin Platinum (Pty) Ltd as the mining contractor under Nkwe Platinum Limited, donated 100 backpacks and 100 school shoes to primary schools and underprivileged children across the key communities of the Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine. 20 of the most underprivileged primary school children and community children were identified from each community: Garatau, Maandagshoek, Hoepakrantz and De Kom, to receive a pair and school shoes and a school back.

School Shoes Donation

Nkwe Platinum Limited, donated a total of 100 school shoes to selected primary schools within the communities around the Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine.

The school shoes were donated to the following primary schools: Setlopong Primary School in Maandagshoek, Ratau Primary School in Garatau, Lobamba Combined School in Hoepakrantz; as well as to disadvantaged children in De Kom.

This is the second time that school shoes have been donated to primary schools and underprivileged children in the mine’s communities, since 2021.

“We are really happy to have received another batch of new school shoes for our learners. This donation really helps to restore confidence to our most disadvantaged learners to attend classes,” said Mr. Barnabas Mashweu, Head of Department of Setlopong Primary School.

Library Refurbishment

Nkwe Platinum Limited undertook the task to refurbish the library of Molaka Primary School in Maandagshoek. The library serves as the educational and reading area for the learners who attend the school.

Nkwe Platinum Limited funded the repainting of the library, as well as the building and installation of bookshelves, tables and mats to enhance the pupils’ learning and reading experience.

Donation For Elderly

In line with its commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives, Nkwe Platinum Limited also donated a total of 80 slip-on takkies to the elderly of the four directly affected mine communities of the Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine.

The shoes were distributed to the most disadvantaged elderly of the Garatau, Maandagshoek, Hoepakrantz and De Kom communities.

Nelson Mandela Day Donation

Nkwe Platinum Limited donated blankets and beanies to the Special Programs Unit of the Sekhukhune District Municipality for distribution to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and the disabled within the municipality’s communities.

The Company donated a total of 100 blankets and 100 beanies, worth R60 000.00, to the Sekhukhune District Municipality in support of their Nelson Mandela Day initiative to promote care for communities’ underprivileged groups.

Executive Mayor of the Sekhukhune District Municipality, Cllr Maleke Mokganyatji, says, “The Special Programs Unit of the Executive Mayor Office celebrates Mandela Day with vulnerable groups. It is the obligation of this office to ensure that the rights of these special groups are protected, promoted, and always supported. We sincerely thank Nkwe Platinum Limited for this generous donation which supports us in this endeavour.”