Our focus is on safety, the environment, the communities in which we operate and our people which we deem to be our most important asset.

The guiding principles of our work and policies are based on compliance with all local legislation, the International Labour Organization and strict control of all risks that may lead to any regulatory and human rights violations.

Our key values include: Adaptability, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration & Teamwork, Accountability and Empowerment & Trust.

EE/SD Committee

An Employment Equity/Skills Development Committee (or EE/SD Committee) was successfully established in August 2022 not just to comply with existing legislation, but also to show our firm commitment to the transformational goals of our country.

The committee seeks to promote equal opportunity for all employees and ensure fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination.

The whole company actively participated in this process and made the necessary commitments to this all-important process.