Nkwe Platinum Limited (a company incorporated in Bermuda) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zijin Mining Group. Nkwe Platinum Limited is the holder of a 74% undivided share in the Mining Right in respect of the Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine, the remaining 26% undivided share is held by Genorah Resources (Pty) Limited.

Nkwe Platinum Limited has appointed South Africa Zijin Platinum (Pty) Ltd as its contractor to manage the day to day operations at the Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine on its behalf.

The Zijin Garatau Platinum Mine is located on the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Complex, about 25 km north-west of Steelpoort and 30 km west-north-west of Burgersfort in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

The processing capacity of Garatau is anticipated to average 3.6 million tonnes of ore per annum once full capacity is achieved in a few years’ time. The life of the mine is estimated to be in excess of 29 years and once fully operational, will employ some 2500 people.

The Board of Director of Nkwe Platinum Limited:

Mr. Guozhu Qiu
Mr. Chao Wang
Mr. Kai Zheng
Mr. Zhilin (Abraham) Li
Mr. Zhiyu (Gary) Fan

Mr Guozhu Qiu
Mr Chao Wang
Mr Kai Zheng
Mr Zhilin (Abraham) Li
Mr Zhiyu (Gary) Fan

(Managing Director and CEO)